Reflexology is a great way of relieving tension and giving  healing to the entire body by working on  reflex points on the feet.  This is a very relaxing method of healing and is great for anyone suffering from stress:  £25 per session.

Energy/Crystal Healing

Energy healing is a form of hands on healing using universal energy to re-balance and heal mind, body and soul. 
Crystal healing is a form of healing using crystals to aid the body's natural healing system.  Crystals can be used to re-balance the chakras,  their subtle energy can  absorb, detoxify, shift and defuse dis-ease within the body.  
£30.00 per session
Animal Healing: Healing is effective on animals as well as people, the same techniques of Energy healing and Crystal healing  can be applied to animals,  please contact me for further information and price. 

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 Readings:  I do one to one readings or readings via email,  which can either be a psychic reading (this is useful if you have a specific question/s regarding relationship, work or circumstances around you), or a mediumship reading (for this I bring through loved ones that have passed to spirit), or it can be a combination of both (Please let me know what you require when booking a reading).  I also do pet readings for anyone who's pet has passed to spirit, for this I prefer to work with a photo of the pet.
£40.00 per reading

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